About Kiteboarding Australia

“As the peak body for Kiteboarding in Australia, KA is responsible for the representation and development of the sport. Its focus is on the delivery of leadership, governance and best practice safety for its members and the kiteboarding community.” – Kiteboarding Australia Vision Statement
KA is the national member of the International Kiteboarding Association, who is affiliated to World Sailing. KA is also affiliated to Australian Sailing.

Kiteboarding Australia is a Federation consisting of five State and Territory Associations, often referred to as State Kiteboarding Associations (SKAs). Individual members have their say through their State Kiteboarding Association by electing their committees who in turn elect the Board of Kiteboarding Australia.

Registered individual members receive a harness ‘Tag’ in recognition of their membership of KA. The harness tag identifies to people and authorities that the member is both a safe kiteboarder and has appropriate insurance coverage whilst undertaking kiteboarding activities.

KA is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a voluntary Board with a mix of elected and appointed Directors. KA operates in accord with its Constitution and Strategic Plan, developed and agreed with the State Kiteboarding Associations. The Strategic Plan, Annual Reports and Financial Statements are published on this website.

What does KA do?

Kiteboarding Australia is a relatively new organisation, having been formed in 2012 however its history lies in the former Australian Kitesurfing Association (AKSA) which date back to the early 2000's.
Now and over time, KA is responsible for the following activities:

Plan Strategically

Through the collaboration with the State Kiteboarding Associations and other relevant national authorities, Kiteboarding Australia sets objectives, plans and priorities to ensure a successful future for the sport of kiteboarding both recreationally and competitively.

Develop Plans, Programs and Policies

Guided by the strategic plan KA develops operational Plans, Programs and Policies designed to meet the operational aspects of the organisation and deliver on its strategic objectives.

Represents kiteboarding to the public and other organisations.

KA advocates to a number of authorities for the best interests of kiteboarders. This includes but is not limited to:
  • The International Kiteboarding Association
  • Australian Sailing
  • Local Governments
  • State Governments
  • Sport Australia
  • Commercial Organisations

Keeps beaches open for kiteboarding nationally

KA and its State Kiteboarding Associations work closely with local councils responsible for maintaining beaches around Australia. KA and previously AKSA have worked tirelessly to ensure an integrated approach to keeping beaches open through advocating safe kiteboarding, insuring its members and directly liaising and negotiating with local councils to maintain access to beaches for kiteboarding.

Develops and engages the industry

Our aim is to provide opportunities for all participants in the kiteboarding industry.
By expanding the commercial opportunities for operators such as schools, retailers and brands, greater opportunities will exist for our members.

Insures its members

KA provides the most comprehensive and well regarded insurance coverage for kiteboarders in the world. KA membership encompasses $20m third party liability.
Since 2001 KA (AKSA) has managed and developed this policy with reputable underwriters and brokers to ensure that our members are protected.

Find out more about our policy here.

Educates and trains

KA develops safe kiting guidelines for its members.
KA provides an Australian instructor accreditation and insurance program that will enable the recognition of the best kiteboarding educators. In turn through their instruction we can ensure that our members are safe and responsible kiteboarders.
We work with number of accreditted kitesurfing schools across Australia to ensure the best safety and quality standards are met.

Develops and Sanctions National Events

In conjunction with the State Kiteboarding Associations, KA is developing a national events program to allow the best talent to rise to the top and claim the title of National Champion.
Only KA members can compete in Kiteboarding Australia or Yachting Australia sanctioned events.

Develops athletes and provides pathways to national and international competition

Through its national events program KA will provide pathways for the recognition of the best kiteboarders in the country so that they may compete on professional world tours or hopefully vie for Olympic inclusion!

Provides other benefits to members

In addition to the safety and insurance benefits that KA provides, an extensive member benefits program is being developed to deliver more value to our members.