Kite Foil Racing

Kite Foil Racing is an exhilarating discipline that involves kiteboarders using a kite and foilboard to navigate a course. The competition is based around a start and finish point and to win, you must be the first across the line. 

Kitefoiling is destined to debut at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and is a rapidly evolving discipline. 

The National Kite Foil Series is set to debut for the first time in 2021. The 6 stop National Kite Foil Series will involve 5 State Championships and 1 National Championship (these events won't replace what already exists). Following each event there will be winners of each championships, however, following the end of the series - the National Kite Foil Series Champion will be awarded.

To win the National Kite Foil Series Championship, kiters will have their 4 best event scores contribute to the overall series leader board. There will be 100 points up for grabs at the State Champs and 200 points at the National Champs. The Series Champion will be awarded in both a male, female, junior & masters division, the title will recognise the fastest & most consistent kiteboarder in Australia through 2021.

Never raced before? Or only have freeride foiling gear? the National Kite Foil Series is a great place to start racing. This years events will consist of a Formula X division, meaning you will be riding up against racers of a similar level & you will complete half the course of the A-Fleet. So if you're interested in getting a taste of racing, but only have free ride foiling gear, then this is for you. 

The first stop will take place at Sail Sandy between on the 20-21st of February, 2021.

The next stop of the series will move to Western Australia for their State Championships, this event will be based out of Jervois Bay Sailing Club. Western Australia is well renowned for its amazing kiteboarding conditions, that is why we are very excited for the event to take place on the Perth Waters. With consistent sea breezes, this will be a fantastic event. 

Following on from WA there are planned state events in NSW, QLD & SA. We will keep you updated as to when the NOR and registrations become available. 

The series will wrap up with the National Titles in Western Australia at Jervois Bay Sailing Club, this event will have 200 points awarded to the winner


Full the full series calendar - visit the Kiteboarding Australia events page!




Amendments to calendar: 


Event Amendmant
December 2020 Kite Foil Nationals Event date changed from February to December due to ongoing Covid-19 border restrictions and uncertainty
1st January 2021 Victorian Championships Sail Melbourne cancelled due to covid exposure site. Event re-scheduled for Sailing Sandy 20-21 Feb 2021.
11th January 2021 Queensland Championships Event moved from November 2021 to July 2-4th to avoid conflicting event dates



Kite Foil Racing consists of using kite foiling skill set mixed with a racing mindset to race a course.

Before you get to the start line it is best to develop some basic foiling skills. You don't need to have the fastest equipment on the market to start, a freeride foil and inflatable kite is sufficient to get started at a club or state level. More and more sailing clubs are getting involved with hosting local races, and quite often they have races to accommodate for first timers.

If you're wondering where to start out racing, you have a few options. Entering the sport at club level is the best option, but often a state event will have a course set for amateurs which is also suitable to get involved for the first time. Some National Kite Foil Series events will consist of an amateur division where participants will complete one lap of the course, where the other fleet will complete two. This is a great way to get a feel for the racing, but also give an opportunity to become involved with freeride equipment.


Kite Foil - is a term referred to for 'un-restricted' racing equipment

Formula Kite - is a term used to describe races the have 'restricted' equipment (registered equipment)

The International Kite Association has a list of registered kites and registered hyrdrofoils, this equipment will be what is used in the Olympic Games and is the gold standard for fast racing equipment.

At an international level, the International Kite Association administers kite racing. There upcoming events are tabled on their website here.

If you're wondering what the standard course looks like for a kitefoiling event - see here.


Is the National Kite Foil Series a good place to start racing?

Yes, the National Kite Foil Series is a good place to start racing, often there is an amature division that allows for new comers. You could also look at starting out through a local racing club.

Do I need a Kiteboarding Australia membership to race? 

Yes, you will need a Kiteboarding Australia membership to race at Kitefoiling events. Your membership gives you third party liability insurance

Kite Racing Clubs are a great place to meet and race with likeminded kite racers.

They are also a great place to start racing in locally organised race meets. 



If you have a club that you wish to have affiliated to Kiteboarding Australia, reach out to



National Kite Foil Series Results 2022

Mens Results

1 Oscar Timm Queensland 99 99 98 196 492   394
2 Jake Timm Queensland 98 97 91 192 478   387
3 Scott Whitehead Queensland     100 200 300   300
4 Hector Paturau Western Australia   98   198 296   296
5 Zac Pullen Victoria 100     190 290   290
6 Daniel Self Queensland   95 92 188 375   283
7 Lenny Furlong Victoria 95   87 184 366   279
8 Julian Thomson Victoria 96   93 182 371   278
9 Craig Rawson Queensland     95 180 275   275
10 Alty Frisby Western Australia       194 194   194
11 Troy Bower Queensland 97 96 94   287   193
12 Phillip Rowlands Western Australia       186 186   186
13 Ludvic Delplane Western Australia       178 178   178
14 Trevor Wishart South Australia       176 176   176
15 Ryan Lawler South Australia       174 174   174
16 Jean De Falbaire France   100     100   100
17 Alex Landwehr Western Australia     99   99   99
18 Lochy Naismith New Zealand     97   97   97
19 Eliott Tobin Queensland     96   96   96
20 Hamish Leighton Victoria 94       94   94
21 Jalen Andreatta Queensland   94     94   94
22 Phillip Chisholm New South Wales 93       93   93
23 Chris de Lange Queensland     90   90   90
24 Marvin Baumeister Queensland     89   89   89
25 Clint Smith Queensland     88   88   88

National Kite Foil Series Results 2022


  Athlete State VIC QLD - SC QLD - TVL NATS Total 
1 Brei Whitehead Queensland     100 200 300
2 Rylie Sinclair Queensland 99 100     199
3 Julie Patrou Western Australia       198 198
4 Justina Kitchen New Zealand       196 196
5 Jane Taylor Western Australia 100       100

National Kite Foil Series Results 2022


  Athlete State VIC QLD - SC QLD - TVL NATS Total    Adjust due to covid (1 drop)
1 Lenny Furlong Victoria 97   95 196 388   293
2 Julian Thomson Victoria 98   98 194 390   292
3 Craig Rawson Queensland     100 192 292   292
4 Alty Firsby Western Australia       200 200   200
5 Troy Bower Queensland 99 100 99   298   199
6 Phillip Rowlands Western Australia       198 198   198
7 Ludvic Delplanque Western Australia       190 190   190
8 Trevor Wishart South Australia        188 188   188
9 Jane Taylor Western Australia 100       100   100
10 Marvin baumeister Queensland     97   97   97
11 Hamish Leighton Victoria 96       96   96
12 Clint Smith Queensland     96   96   96
13 Phillip Chisholm New South Wales 95       95   95

National Kite Foil Series Results 2022


Place Athlete State VIC QLD - SC QLD - TVL NATS Total 
1 Jake Timm Queensland   100   200 300
2 Lochy Naismith New Zealand     100   100
3 Elliott Tobin Queensland     99   99