Rider Profile: Craig Rawson

Published Thu 31 Jan 2019


Craig Rawson


Master (35-55)

Where are you from? What is your home club?

Townsville Kite Racing Club

Dream foiling location?

Anywhere warm and blue with white sand.

What are your favourite conditions?

15-20 and flat

What is your favourite thing about this sport?

The challenge of getting it right.

How did you get into kitefoiling?

Moved from formula board

What would you say to yourself, if you were to learn /start again?

Buy that bullet 3 now Craig

Brag a bit! What's your biggest achievement, or what is your major goal?

Used to beat the Aussie #1 easily. When he was about 12.

If you were stuck on a tropical island and could only take one size kite, and one foil, what gear would you take?

13m ozone V3 and Bullet 3

Do you have any interesting mantra's or suspicions when it comes to racing or foiling?


What do you think is the coolest development in this sport?

The mixed Olympic format, very cool!

Any feel good stories for us? Something your grateful for, appreciation posts, anything/one you would like to do a shout out for?

Thanks to my local crew! A very passionate and selfless bunch.

Any major kite-mares, stories or lessons you would like to share - we all have one!

Blew a brand new 18m sonic into three pieces plugging on a downwind crash. Poked my head up to see three separate pieces of kite float down to the water.

Any training tips you swear by or want to share?

Write down what you plan to try, and think about plan on the water.

Any thoughts on the future of kitefoiling, or any other stories you think we should share?

Kitefoiling is charging at the moment and I don’t think it’s stopping. Very exciting!