Wind Wings (also referred to as Wing Foiling, Wing Boarding, Wing Surfing) is increasing in popularity across Australia.

Kiteboarding Australia will promote Wind Wings in Australia and will work alongside the Global Wingsports Association. 

Wind Wings are an awesome way to experience the power of the wind. 

The main disciplines within WInd Wings are:

  • Freestyle - use the power of the wind to execute tricks, jumps and manouvers.
  • Surfing - combine the use of the foil with a breaking wave to 'surf' the wave
  • Ocean Surfing - use the power of the wind and ocean swells to ride a downwinder
  • Racing/Speed - involves competitions where there is a crossing of a start and finish line

Wing Wings cover the land & snow variants of the sport, which are known to be practised with 3 different types of boards:

  • Skateboard (Land)
  • Mountainboard (Land)
  • Snowboard or Skis (Snow)


Wind Wings are growing in popularity across Australia.

There are many elements of the sport that cross over with kiteboarding, windsurfing and foiling,. Using Wind Wings is relativley simple in terms of the equipment required to participate. To Wind Wing you will need:

- Wing & wing leash

- A board to ride (often with a foil to create less drag)

- Pump to inflate the wing

Wind Wings are used in a variety of different conditions including flat water, waves & rolling swells. Wings are used in different wind conditions, from as low as 8-10knots through to 30+ knots, when learning it is recomended to start between 15 & 20 knots. There are different sized wings to suit different wing speeds. 

Learning will become a lot easier if you have existing foiling, kiting or windsurfing experience. If you don't have this experience, you can still learn, but it may take a little more persistance to develop the flying and foiling skills. 

Do I need to Kiteboard before learning to Wind Wing?

Nope, you can learn to Wind Wing before kiteboarding. These sports compliment each other. 

Does a Kiteboarding Australia membership include Wing Wings?

Yes, the Kiteboarding Australia membership includes Wind Wings public liability insurance. This includes while recreationally and at sanctioned events.

Is Wind Winging the same as Kiteboarding?

No, Kiteboarding is a serperate set of skills to Wing Wings. However the two sports have many overlaps that compliment eachother, meaning more time and fun on the water.