Wave kiteboarding is a fun way to combine the power of wind with waves. Catching waves with your kite is a unique and awesome way of experiencing the ocean. Watch your wave count increase rapidly and watch the wind turn what would be average surf into pumping surf when you use your kite.

Whether competing or catching waves for fun, wave kiting is a great expansion to your kiting skills. You don't need to be a surfer to try it, but if you are already a surfer and not a kiter, it's a great opportunity to increase your water time.

Wave competitions are scored in a similiar way to surfing competitions. There is more information on how this is judged in our Wave guidelines.

The Duotone Aussie Wave Series is annual event series that consists of 5 state titles and the national titles. For more information on when the are - visit the KA events page.

Wave riding roots lay within the world of surfing. Using the power of both the wind to assist surf the wave is the essence of the discipline. 

If you're comfortable riding surfboards (strapped or un-strapped) in waves, then why not give a wave riding event a shot. Commonly known as an 'expressive' style of the sport, there isn't many better feelings than flying down the line on a nice 4ft wave over and over again. Kitesurfers ability to avoid paddling out through the break allows kiters to catch a serious amount of waves each session. 

You don't need to have a surfing background to give it a go, and if you already surf, then learn to fly the kite from an accreditted school and get amongst it. 

Do I need a Kiteboarding Australia membership to compete?

Yes, your KA membership will give you third party liability insurance.

I've never competed before, should i enter the National Wave Series? 

Yes absolutley, first timers are encouraged to take part in the National Wave Series.

Do I need to compete at all the stops?

No, It is not required that you attend all the locations, the series is set up to allow to compete either locally or if you want to travel interstate you can :)