How to Get Started kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is one of the most exciting sports you can partake in. You might be wondering how to get started? Where can you learn and where can I participate?

Read our how to get started guide to help get you going on the water!

To find a lesson provider - visit our kiteboarding school page.

Online Learning Course

If you are look to further your skills and knowledge either prior to starting a kiting lesson or after your lesson - take our online learning course here. In order to complete the course, you must be a member of Kiteboarding Australia. 

This course is online, self-paced and delivered on the OpenLearning Platform where students complete activities and share their work with their peers in a highly engaging learning community. The best bit? You’re guaranteed to become part of the supporting kiteboarding community and might even find some local friends to go kiting with.

Kiteboarding Australia’s online training is an opportunity to bring together and fill the gaps in the information you have learnt on the beach and from a variety of web sources. This online training will help you take the next step as a kiteboarder.

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing uses the power of the wind to propel you across the water with a kite and board.

Kitesurfing can take place on flat water, waves, choppy water & anything in between. Wind and water are the key ingredients.

Once you’re up and riding you can progress your jumping, racing, foiling, wave riding, freestyle tricks and downwinders.


Do I need pre-existing skills to go kitesurfing?

Often beginners have no board, water sport of kite flying background. This sport is completely open to people with no experience. So if you have basic swimming skills to keep you afloat in the water this sport is for you.

Kitesurfing is sometimes perceived to be only for strong people. This is a misconception, as the full power of the kite is not felt through your arms, more so spread through your torso via a harness. Having a basic level of fitness is recommended to help with your safe progression, but this sport can be pursued by people of ages and abilities.


Do you need lessons and where can I get them?

Yes. Lessons are an integral part of learning to kitesurf. The most important reason for lessons is safety. Kitesurfing is not without risks, learning how to control your equipment and make smart decisions whilst kitesurfing is extremely important. You can check out our accredited kitesurfing schools on our website.

Kiteboarding Australia schools operate following safe guidelines for conducting lessons. You can be assured a great experience when learning with accredited instructors and schools.


What kit do you need for lessons?

Kitesurfing schools should be able to provide the kit for lessons including kites, boards & safety equipment. You may need to bring a wetsuit or appropriate water, sunscreen, water, hat, and sunscreen. But it’s best to check in with your school prior to your lesson.


What kit should you buy as a beginner?

Its perfectly okay to purchase kite equipment after your lessons, and it’s also perfectly okay to purchase equipment prior to lessons so you can learn on your own equipment.

It is a good idea to talk to your instructor or local retailer to find out which kit works best for you and the locations you will be kiting at.

We recommend purchasing local to make sure you get the best advice and don’t pay twice.

You might be wondering what kit you need to purchase:

  • Kite - the size you’ll need depends on the wind strength
  • Bar and lines - the right size/length to match the kite
  • Board - beginners often start on larger sizes
  • A seat or waist harness - seat harnesses are easier to learn on
  • Safety leash and safety knife
  • Floatation vest - kitesurfing vests have a gap for your bar
  • Helmet - one that’s specifically designed for kitesurfing
  • Wetsuit - if learning in cold-water destinations


Do you need a license or insurance to kitesurf independently?

In most places you don’t need a licence however third-party liability insurance is strongly recommended in case you injure another person or crash into their boat, car or expensive kitesurf kit! The Kiteboarding Australia membership includes public liability insurance.

There are certain locations within Australia that do require a local permit, so you should always check before launching somewhere new.