Joining Kiteboarding Australia comes with many great benefits for kiteboarders and wind wingers. Our membership is structured into two streams: Full Membership (includes both kiting and winging) & Winging only membership. There are different benefits to each tier so choose the right one for you. 

KA is a not-for-profit National Sporting Organisation, predominantly run by a group of passionate volunteers. All proceeds of membership are invested back into the sport to develop events and participation opportunities, to advocate to keep your beaches open and accessible, to increase safety awareness and to accredit best in class schools and training programmes. And to make sure our members have world-class insurance.

Join our community because we don’t profit, you do.


Kiteboarding and winging are extreme sports and whether on the water or the beach, there are risks involved.
We have the most comprehensive public liability insurance for extreme water sports in Australia, giving you up to AUD20m in cover. The programme also includes a Personal accident policy. Both policies cover recreational and competitive participation at sanctioned KA events.

For further details regarding the policy - visit the insurance information page here. 

Kiteboarding Australia, in conjunction with our state associations & sanctioned event organisers, runs over 60 events across the country. These include kiteboarding and winging events in various disciplines including free riding, downwinder, freestyle, racing & big air. As a member, you are insured at all kiteboarding or winging events sanctioned by KA.

Check out the upcoming events here.

Access to your favourite beaches around the country is fundamental to your enjoyment of the sport. KA is committed to representing the sport and supporting state associations with local councils and government bodies to assist with open beach access for kitesurfing and winging. Read more here as an example. 


Find out about the latest gear and new trends in the sport at one of our gear expos. Run in all states, they bring retailers and manufacturers together to showcase new and exciting equipment.

KA has a well-established school and instructor network across Australia. We aim to ensure that anyone learning and developing in the sport is given a safe, enjoyable and progressive experience. Your membership will also allow you to participate in any kiteboarding and/or winging development clinics. Check out our event calendar to make a booking.

Visit our accredited Kiteboarding Australia schools here.

Kiteboarders are a friendly bunch and joining our membership-based organisation will bring you into a community of like-minded kiteboarders & wingers. You also help us develop and grow the sport and build our community.
We are all volunteers. If you would like to help running events or have any suggestions on how we can support our sport further please reach out to gm@kiteboardingaus.com

Included Activities under the ‘Kiteboarding’ insurance include:

  • Kiteboarding recreationally;

  • Participation in Kiteboarding Australia sanctioned events;

  • Wing Foiling / Wind Wings (Winging Only Memberships apply to strictly just these activities); and

  • Un-powered hydrofoiling.

Included Activities under the ‘Winging Only’ insurance include:

  • Wing Foiling / Wind Wings recreationally; and

  • Participation in Kiteboarding Australia sanctioned wing events.


* There are two streams of membership. The first stream of membership includes Kiteboarding & Winging whilst the second stream includes Winging only.
* Winging only memberships include public liability insurance strictly whilst winging only.
* Details on the National Insurance Program can be found here.
* Family Memberships are available and include membership for a max 2 adults and unlimited children.