Freestyle kiteboarding is one of the original disciplines. If you're into unhooked tricks and big airs, this is your jam. The great part of freestyle is you can use your twin tip and almost any inflatable kite. 

Freestyle kiteboarding has evolved over the years to encompass a range of unhooked tricks. Many of these tricks are originated from wakeboarding and have been developed into kiteboarding. 

Freestyle competitions are judged by a panel based on the technical aspect of the trick and how it is executed. There is more information on how this is judged in our Freestyle guidelines.

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Do I need a Kiteboarding Australia membership to compete?

Yes, your KA membership will give you third party liability insurance.

I've never competed before, should i enter the National Freestyle Series? 

Yes absolutley, first timers are encouraged to take part in the National Freestyle Series.

Do I need to compete at all the stops?

No, It is not required that you attend all the locations, the series is set up to allow to compete either locally or if you want to travel interstate you can :)

The Duotone Aussie Freestyle Series in an annual event series that consists of events in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. The series includes 5 state titles and the National Title.