Published Mon 31 Aug 2020

Natalie Flintrop Clarke





Where are you from?

St Kilda Beach


Dream foiling location?

Everywhere the opportunity is available


What are your favourite conditions?

Light to moderate wind & flat water


What is your favourite thing about this sport?

Travelling to different places and meeting and competing with awesome people


How did you get into kitefoiling?

Twin tip events - raceboard- kitefoil


What would you say to yourself, if you were to learn /start again?

Get good gear and go out with people who are happy to help you improve


Brag a bit! What's your biggest achievement, or what is your major goal?

World Beach Games in Doha was my most amazing experience and Hydrofoil Protour in Mauritius the most beautiful


If you were stuck on a tropical island and could only take one size kite, and one foil, what gear would you take?

Mikes Lab and 12 or 15m R1 V4 (whats the average wind on this island ?😜)


Do you have any interesting mantra's or suspicions when it comes to racing or foiling?

If I see someone else stack, I often follow suit


What do you think is the coolest development in this sport?

Faster Foils!


Any feel good stories for us? Something your grateful for, appreciation posts, anything/one you would like to do a shout out for?

I’m grateful for SHQ Boardsports for encouraging and supporting my twin-tip kiting initially, and Ivan and Paul from Zuboardsports for supporting my Foiling. I’m grateful Kieser is keen to help make me stronger.
And I’m so lucky to be involved in this amazing, dynamic sport with so many great people from teens to retires.


Any major kite-mares, stories or lessons you would like to share - we all have one!

Scariest: kite down in the flat water, wind run out and being circled by a large fin.
Most embarrassing: swimming to shore after wind ran out to be greeted by 100’s of people, 6 special forces ready to jump in, 4 police cars, 2 ambulances, and a paramedic on the beach with stretcher ready. (I was fine, only a 500m swim in on a sunny day)


Any training tips you swear by or want to share?

Check your lines for wear especially at the point where they rub after a tack or gybe.


Any thoughts on the future of kitefoiling, or any other stories you think we should share?

Keep enjoying the ride!