KSA Downwinder Series 2023/24
Tue 07 Nov 2023 00:00 — Wed 05 Mar 2025 00:00

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Thu 24 Oct 2024 21:00.

KSA Downwinder Series 23/24

Matty Stringer from Ride Kitesurfing in conjunction with KSA will be continuing the exceptionally successful downwinder series from previous year over 60 participants!

Will consist of 5 downwinders in Adelaide Metro over the summer seabreeze season!

NOV TBA: KSA/Ride Downwinder Series #1 Season Opener

DEC TBA: KSA/Ride Downwinder Series #2 Santa Downwinder

JAN TBA: KSA/Ride Downwinder Series #3

JAN TBA: KSA/Ride Downwinder Series #4

FEB TBA: KSA/Ride Downwinder #5 Season Closer


These downwinders will be supportive of beginner/intermediate kiteboarders and we encourage everyone to join in and celebrate the social side of our sport.

For 50$* those keen to join in our series we will be offering food and beverages at the end of the downwinder whilst we pack down and a downwider series T-shirt.

There will be no entry fee to our events although insurance is recommended to everyone through KSA membership.

We will only be able to cater food/drinks/t-shirt’s to people who have signed up for the series

 So what are you waiting for, make new friends, learn new moves and join us on the water! 


*10$ discount fee for first week of promotion; will be $60 entry there after