Intro to winging & foiling
Sat 13 Apr 2024 10:00 — 18:00

Event information

This event has passed.

Intro to winging & foiling by Ontrack Foiling is a great way to get a taste of this exciting sport and get some useful tips from the real pros. This is open and free for all who identify as women. There is no age limit - everyone is welcome. Bring your family and your girlfriends to learn together.

During this clinic, you will learn some basic wing handling skills on land and get to try to tow foil behind a jet ski with Ontrack Foiling coashes, Lucas and Chloe.

Date and Schedule

13th of April 2024

10am - Welcome

10:15am - Pump up wings.

On beach demo of foot and body positions for foiling

Take 2 people for a beginner tow foil lesson for 20 minute blocks.

The remaining ladies practice wing handling skills (even with no wind).

We will stay for as long as we need to, to give everyone a fair go on the foil!


2 Ward Street Kurnell, NSW

Eligibility - IMPORTANT

Please make sure to get your free "Come and Try" membership or a regular annual membership before registering to ensure you are covered by our insurance.


How to get a free Come and Try Membership:

1. Click on the link & Select Register (ignore the table with prices)

2. Select Come & Try membership ($0)

2. Enter your details and register (It's free!)

3. And then book into your Lesson via this page

For a successful registration into the come-and-try lesson, you should have 2 items:

  • Wing foiling progression session registration
  • Come and Try membership or Kiteboarding Australia membership


If you have any questions about this event, please email