Wind Wings (also referred to as Wing Foiling, Wing Boarding, Wing Surfing) is increasing in popularity across Australia.

Kiteboarding Australia will promote Wind Wings in Australia and will work alongside the Global Wingsports Association. 

Wind Wings are an awesome way to experience the power of the wind. 

The main disciplines within WInd Wings are:

  • Freestyle - use the power of the wind to execute tricks, jumps and manouvers.
  • Surfing - combine the use of the foil with a breaking wave to 'surf' the wave
  • Ocean Surfing - use the power of the wind and ocean swells to ride a downwinder
  • Racing/Speed - involves competitions where there is a crossing of a start and finish line

Wing Wings cover the land & snow variants of the sport, which are known to be practised with 3 different types of boards:

  • Skateboard (Land)
  • Mountainboard (Land)
  • Snowboard or Skis (Snow)