Big Air Sydney 2024 results

Published Sun 04 Feb 2024

On Sunday, 4th of February 2024, Kurnell welcomed an excited crowd of kiteboarders and spectators for Sydney's most awaited kite comp of the year, Big Air Sydney. Flying through the sky, the colourful kites and their gutsy riders joined in the dance of skill, talent, style and shared exhilaration.

This year, Kiteboarding Australia joined forces with Core Kiteboarding and North Kiteboarding to expand and grow the big air discipline in Australia by launching the Big Air National Series across the country. The Big Air Sydeny is  proudly part of the series.

Building on the success of the inaugural 2023 event, the Big Air Sydney 2024 once again delivered on the promise of bringing the community together with numerous spectators attending the event and over 30 competitors pushing their limits in four categories: King of Big Air, Queen of Big Air, Prince of Big Air and Big Air Open Session. The wind gods delivered on the promise of 25+ knots and, in perfect combination with warm sunshine and immaculate vibes, the competitors truly explored the meaning of the old saying “sky is the limit” while the crowd gathered around to support their favourite riders.

New to this year's event, the Prince of Big Air category welcomed under-18 riders who impressed the audience with their skill and progress over the last year. The youngest participant, Oscar, was just 8 years old and kept surprising the crowd with his persistant and controlled jumps. The performance of all Princes left the spectators in awe and firmly assured that the future of Big Air is in safe hands.

Our Queens were also sure to impress with megaloops and graceful tricks, adding style and elegance to the performance and sharing the good vibes on and off the water while the onlookers watched from the beach in awe.

“Big Air Sydney 2024 was a celebration of wind, skill and community and was made possible by a tremendous effort and support from our sponsors and volunteers who generously contributed their time and resources to deliver a remarkable event that brought together riders and spectators from across Australia, united by a shared passion and love of the sport. We would like to express our deep appreciation for every single one of you. We look forward to further building the Big Air scene in Australia and bringing more epic events to our community,” said Kiteboarding Australia’s marketing manager, Lisa Sadetskaya.

Huge congratulations to our winners.

King of Big Air

  1. Samuel Constable
  2. Alan Ropers
  3. Vit Vana

Queen of Big Air

  1. Brooke Kenney
  2. Dominique Sherry
  3. Melissa Gonzalez

Prince of Big Air

  1. Oliver Furmanczyk
  2. Alexander Barnes
  3. Oscar Vana

Big Air Open

Highest Jump - Martin Malina

Tough Cookie award - Gerran Smith

Bunny award - Brett Hallam


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We look forward to seeing you at Big Air Sydney 2025!