Call for Nominations to the KAL Board 2023

Published Wed 27 Sep 2023

Call for nominations to the KAL Board

Download PD and Nomination Form Here

Download a word format Nomination from here 
The Kiteboarding Australia Limited (KAL) Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled to occur on 27 November 2023. Further details as to the exact time and location of such meeting will be provided to members in the formal notice of meeting. Under the KAL Constitution (Constitution) the notice of meeting must be provided to members 21 days prior to the AGM.
Clause 22 of the Constitution requires nominations for positions on the KAL Board to be called for 56 days prior to the AGM. Accordingly, this letter serves as the formal call for nominations for two (2) vacant board positions to be filled at the AGM.
A Position Description (PD) has been attached to provide further details into the positions up for nomination.
Nominations must be in writing on the attached prescribed form (Nomination Form), signed by a nominator and seconder (who must be individual members) and certified by the nominee expressing their willingness to accept the position for which they are nominated. Nominees must also complete their personal details and the 'Brief overview' section and attach a copy of their current Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the Nomination Form.
The completed Nomination Form (and CV) must be received by the General Manager at least 28 days before the Annual General Meeting (by no later than 30th October 2023 and can be provided by post or email to:
General Manager
Kiteboarding Australia Limited
PO BOX 1274
West Perth, 6872, WA
In accordance with the KAL Nominations Committee By-Law a copy of which is attached (By-Law), all nominations will be provided to the Nominations Committee who will undertake an
assessment of, and provide a recommendation as to, a candidate’s suitability. It is important to note that the Nominations Committee is not the selection mechanism for the Board.
This is separately provided for in the Constitution (whereby candidates are voted on by the voting members of KAL by a secret ballot). Rather, the Nominations Committee receive all nominations for election to the KAL Board and determine the suitability of all nominations by deciding whether a candidate:

  1. meets any of the Core Competencies as set out in the By-Law (if so, detailing which Core Competencies are met); and
  1. is recommended as a suitable candidate for election to the Board by the members based on meeting any of the Core Competencies and having regard to any apparent skills gap on the Board.

Should you require any further information in relation to this process, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Bury on 0499 071 116 or at