Kiteboarding Australia is recognised as a national sporting organisation by the Australian Sports Commission

Published Thu 08 Jun 2023

Kiteboarding Australia is recognised as a national sporting organisation by the Australian Sports Commission

Kiteboarding Australia is pleased to announce the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) will recognise Kiteboarding Australia as a national sporting organisation (NSO) from 1 July 2023.

Being recognised as an NSO is a significant milestone for Kiteboarding Australia and the sport in Australia as the ASC support will significantly contribute to the development of the sport, from the grassroots through to the professional level, fostering existing disciplines and integrating new ones. It will also help to expand and deliver Kiteboarding Australia’s initiatives across Australia, including the ongoing rollout of competitions and events, accreditation of schools and instructors, development of training and safety programs, advocacy for the sport with local governments and councils, as well as governance and oversight of the sport. Importantly, the NSO recognition will enable Kiteboarding Australia to access federal government resources and apply for funding to ensure these programs and initiatives are well resourced and sustainable.

Rhys Higham, President of Kiteboarding Australia, commented, “Our purpose at Kiteboarding Australia is to provide a leading voice representing kiters' and wingers' interests in Australia. We aim to inspire and facilitate participation and growth of the sport by creating programs that promote the safe progression and enjoyment for all our members, regardless of the disciplines they engage in and their level of riding.  We are thrilled to receive the support of the ASC as we deliver on our purpose and strategic objectives.

“Kiteboarding Australia is a not- for profit organisation, predominantly run by a group of passionate volunteers who have worked tirelessly over many years to achieve this NSO recognition. We want to thank our community of volunteers and members for their support and hard work in the lead up to this fundamental achievement. We look forward to working closely with the ASC to take kiteboarding and wing foiling in Australia to the next stage of its development.”

ASC CEO Kieren Perkins OAM congratulated Kiteboarding Australia on its recognition as an NSO.

“We’re delighted to officially welcome Kiteboarding Australia as one of our newest NSOs and commend them on the work they have done to achieve this recognition,” Mr Perkins said.

“Our vision is to have more Australians involved in sport and we look forward to working with Kiteboarding Australia so that more people can experience and enjoy this exciting sport.” |